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If you have a question about the clothes, have a collab idea, want to pull clothes for a shoot, want to carry the collection in your store, want a movie recommendation, or if you're a Portlander who wants to request a pick-up, send me a line, beb! :)

811 E. Burnside St. #122
Portland, OR, 97214
United States


Laurs Kemp is a Portland-based small-batch design house, inspired by cinema and the Female Gaze.




Laurs Kemp is aware that when you read this bio you will have a moment of realization that she either gave someone the task of writing it or she is writing in the third person. And yes, nerds, she also realizes that by pulling back this curtain she has converged slightly into second person narration as well. But I digress. She! She digresses.

Laurs Kemp makes wearable keepsakes. (Wow, just say "clothes"!) She’s not so good at planning ahead or knowing what she’ll cotton to in a year’s time, so she approaches her clothing line more like a painter, ceramicist, or jewelry designer. She does not follow a traditional fashion calendar; she does not release a collection twice a year. As inspiration strikes and laziness/anxiety subsides, seasonless capsule collections are released throughout the year. Pieces are added, omitted, and even re-designed along the way - according to factors such as fabric availability. A lot of the pieces are basics and may be available for years, or they may become available in a new fabric or with a slight change: a new sleeve or different buttons, etc.

Zero-waste is the ideal. Second-hand materials and mill ends are used as much as possible. Therefore, many designs are only made in small batches and only available for a limited time. (There are some interns in the mix now, so it feels more appropriate to say “we” from here on out. Plus, it gives the illusion of professionalism.) We also make a lot of one-offs. That could mean making a current design in a vintage fabric, using vintage buttons on an otherwise new item, or re-purposing a vintage item. Most of these items are sold through Instagram, so follow @laurskemp for that.

We make and sell all of the clothing out of our new shop/studio space in the 811 Shops in Portland, OR (we’re along the back row of shops) located at 811 E. Burnside building. We also sell samples, reworked vintage and one-offs, as well as vintage clothing and interiors, objets d'art, and works from other makers. The shop is open Thursday - Sunday 1:00 - 6:00PM (or you can DM @laurskemp on Instagram to set up an off-hour visit).

Laurs Kemp is inspired by many things, but mostly cinema. You can keep tabs on her personal film obsession by listening to her podcast Storybored on Apple, Spotify, or Google - or by following her at @storyboredpodcast on Instagram!